TEMPTATION GRAND CRU GOLD digestif tumbler black curl

Each tumbler is individually adorned with gold on the inside, accentuating these one-of-a-kind pieces’ precious quality. The double wall of the goblets has an insulating effect that helps to keep your wine, sparkling Champagne or your bubbling mineral water cool for much longer. The tumblers are also suitable for coffee thanks to their double wall.  Made by hand in Germany, the red wine, white wine and digestif tumblers pair wafer-thin porcelain with 24-carat gold. The tumblers’ incomparable lightness requires true craftsmanship. The millimetre-thin walls and rounded bases demand great delicacy of touch and utmost precision. The porcelain goblets are packed in a Sieger by Fürstenberg gift box. Thus they are ideal as a gift.

Material: porcelain, gilding